Positively impacting our customers.

Includes Centrifugal Pumps types OH, Multi-stage, in-line, etc.

  • Reengineering and construction components in new, used or obsolete equipment. We use state of the art software and tools to create the models and reverse engineer of parts (axles, drive, scrolls, etc.) pumps in used or obsolete conditions. Once the process is done, equipment will opertate to original condition.
  • Re-rating of drivers: the recalculation of the drive is performed to modify operation curves for pump according to the operating requirements of the customer.
  • General maintenance of rotating equipment.
  • Pumps alignment.
  • Diagnosis of pumps and mechanical seal: Includes metrology field tightness testing, leak testing test, boroscope among other techniques to make accurate diagnoses and verify the extent of the work done in rotating equipment.
  • Change of mechanical seals and failure analysis.
  • Training in rotating equipment.

Electric Motors

  • Megado tests
  • Motor winding


  • Oil Analysis.
  • Oil change compressors propane, butane, LPG, etc.
  • Calculation and development of oil as recommended by the manufacturer or customer standards.


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